Stardew Valley Players Discover Secret Scene Added With Update 1.6

The Stardew Valley Update 1.6 release date was this week, at least on PC. The latest update to the game added a metric ton of new content and improvements. Update 1.6 is not the biggest update Stardew Valley has seen since its release eight years ago, but it is certainly in the conversation of meaningful updates and it very well could be the last major update to the game based on previous comments from developer ConcernedApe. Thus, perhaps to the surprise of not a single SDV player, there are seemingly some new secrets to discover. To this end, a YouTube user recently pointed out that as of Update 1.6, the out-of-bounds glitch to get to The Summit before you are supposed to be able to has been tweaked. Upon doing this, Mister Qi awaits you, calls you out, and then eliminates you. In other words, rather than patch the Summit skip, ConcernedApe added a new, special cutscene to deal with your cheating. "The couple of frames where you see mr Qi moving towards you is actually terrifying," writes one Stardew Valley fan of the discovery. "I always thought he was a character who was nice and trying to help you but now knowing he canonically can do that is really creepy


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