Stardew Valley Update Confirms Long-Running Conspiracy Theory

Ahead of the release of Stardew Valley Update 1.6 on March 19, developer ConcernedApe has been releasing random bits of patch notes from the update to tease fans of the game. While Update 1.6 will only be available on PC when it first releases, there is still plenty of enough players beyond hyped to finally dip their shovels into the long-awaited update. So much so that random tidbits of the update's patch notes are noteworthy and exciting. To this end, one of these random bits of patch notes has confirmed a long-running conspiracy theory. Years ago, Stardew Valley fans began to notice something odd while harvesting their crops. When you harvest left-to-right it is quicker than harvesting right-to-left. Slowly, but surely, Stardew Valley fans realized this and gathered in places like Reddit until there was a full blown conspiracy brewing. Over time, Stardew Valley fans began to test this theory and discovered it wasn't the illusions of some conspiracy tinfoil hat-wearing farmer. Harvesting left-to-right was about two seconds quicker than right-to-left across seven rows of harvesting. Big Farming never confirmed this, until this week. According to ConcernedApe, this bug has been in the game since release, or at least as far as he knows it has been. To this end, ConcernedApe says the left-facing harvest animation are 100 m/s longer than they should be, vindicating every right-facing harvesting purist out there. As for what was causing this issue, ConcernedApe does not say.


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