Stellar Blade Download Size Leaks Online

The download size of Stellar Blade may be in the ballpark of 35GB, as suggested by one newly emerged leak. Although the source of the claim seems to be a prematurely revealed official estimate, that's quite a modest figure for a contemporary AAA game, to the point that some fans have already expressed skepticism about whether Stellar Blade could truly end up being so small. Software install sizes have gotten bulkier over the years, with video games being no exception to that trend. The steady increase in standard display resolutions and content expectations, among other factors, has led to the gaming industry consistently putting out bigger and bigger downloads. As far as Sony's latest console is concerned, the largest PS5 games by file sizes range from the 99GB Horizon Forbidden West to the absolutely humongous Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which requires over 312GB of storage space.


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