Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is Already 40% off on Steam

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League finally launched last month, and it’s fair to say that it hasn’t got off to a great start. It was met with mixed reception (at best) from critics and audiences and has failed to attract a sizeable player base, with publisher WB Games recently saying that it had fallen short of commercial expectations. It’s no surprise, with all of that in mind, that the game’s prices are already beginning to get slashed significantly. Over on Steam, its Standard Edition, which usually retails for $69.99, is currently being sold at a significant 40 percent discount, for a price of $41.99. Meanwhile, its Digital Deluxe Edition is being sold for 40 percent off as well, not only on Steam, but PS5 and Xbox Series X/S as well. Launching at a retail price of $99.99, it’s currently being sold for $59.99. The offer is set to last until March 21 for both editions on Steam, and until March 14 for the Digital Deluxe Edition on Xbox and PlayStation. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s first season of post-launch content will go live on March 28. It will add The Joker as a playable character.


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