Xbox Game Pass Adds Its Best Horror Game So Far This Year

Xbox Game Pass recently added a new horror game, and it is the best horror game added by the subscription service so far this year. 2024 has not been a great year so far for horror fans. And this is true for horror fans on Xbox in general. While 2023 delievered Resident Evil 4 Remake, Dead Space Remake, and Alan Wake 2, 2024 has yet to have a notable horror game release. On Xbox Game Pass, subscribers got Resident Evil 3 Remake earlier this year, but that's been it, until now. Xbox Game Pass subscribers now also have access to 2022 horror game The Quarry, which was made by Supermassive Games, the team best known for PlayStation-exclusive Until Dawn. Developed by Supermassive Games and published by 2K, The Quarry is an interactive horror game with drama elements where players assume the control of one of nine teens trying to survive their last night at summer camp where everything is trying to kill them. Is it any good? Well, on Metacritic, the game boasts scores as high as 79, a decent score for horror games, which often score a little lower than most genres. How well it coupled this with sales, we don't know. About the Game + Trailer


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