Xbox Says Its Brand Pivot Was Driven By Gen Z Habits

It's a pretty strange time for Xbox owners, with some concerned about the future of the hardware now that the company has committed to launching its flagship exclusives on rival systems. Grounded, Sea of Thieves, Hi-Fi Rush, and Pentiment have all launched on both PlayStation and Nintendo Switch systems, with rumors of bigger titles like Starfield and Halo following them refusing to go away. It can be difficult to imagine why Xbox seems to be so keen on shifting away from its own hardware, but Xbox head Phil Spencer recently laid out some of the reasons behind the company's "brand pivot" in an interview with Polygon at GDC 2024. Aside from just wanting to raise Xbox's profitability, as Spencer stresses that the platform is still a business that needs to make money, he also wants Xbox to "maintain relevance with a younger audience."


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