Epic Games Store Reveals Free Day One Game for March 7

The Epic Games Store free game for March 7 is Astro Duel 2, a rare day one giveaway for the launcher. Epic Games Store users are treated to freebies every week, with new giveaways rotating in every Thursday at 10:00am CT. Currently, the Epic Games Store free game is Aerial_Knight's Never Yield. Aerial_Knight's Never Yield first released in 2021 to mixed reviews from critics. It's a platformer that plays similarly to endless runners, but it has an actual ending and a story to tell. The game takes less than two hours to beat, but it encourages replays by challenging players to beat their high scores. Anyone interested in the game has from now until March 7 at 10:00am to snag Aerial_Knight's Never Yield for their digital libraries.


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