Grand Theft Auto 6 Delay Reports Are “Overblown”, it’s Claimed

Grand Theft Auto 6 is inarguably the biggest upcoming game that the entire industry is waiting with bated breath for, and though Rockstar Games announced in December that the open world crime game would launch sometime in 2025, that’s been called into question in recent days. Last week, a Kotaku report claimed that GTA 6’s production had fallen behind schedule and that it was, as such, in danger of potentially getting pushed back into 2026. Since then, however, there’s been some pushback against the notion. Shortly after the report was published, Insider Gaming’s Mike Straw stated that based on what he had been told, GTA 6 was still very much on track for a 2025 release, while Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has now said similar things in a recently published newsletter. As per Schreier, in a nutshell, though GTA 6 isn’t completely immune to the possibility of a delay, that’s true for pretty much every single game in development across the industry. Though Rockstar’s recent return-to-office mandate for all employees has certainly caused some complications within the studio (which could lead to attrition and, in turn, potential production slowdowns for the game), Schreier says that thus far, there has been “no indication that anything significant has changed” where the game’s launch plans are concerned. He goes on to write that Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently being worked on by “thousands of people”, many of whom are “in their own silos where they are writing code for weather physics or recording actor performances or hunting for bugs on the streets of fake Miami.” So while it might not be a safe bet to say there’s no chance Grand Theft Auto 6 gets delayed – especially Rockstar’s historical tendency to delay its games – it doesn’t look like that’s the plan as things stand right now.


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