Halo Infinite Player Recreates Combat Evolved in Forge

A talented gamer has used the Forge Mode in Halo Infinite to recreate the opening cutscene from the first game in the series, Combat Evolved. For many long-time fans of the franchise, this Halo Infinite creation is sure to cause a ton of nostalgic memories. The improvements made to Forge Mode in Halo Infinite make it by far the most powerful version of the tool to date. Players are able to script their own events now, and they also have the ability to add AI to levels. It’s a far cry from the basic map creator players received in Halo 3 back in 2007. One player even recreated an entire Halo: Combat Evolved campaign level in Infinite’s Forge, showcasing the power of what these tools are now capable of in the hands of the right player.


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