Halo Support Studio Certain Affinity is Cutting 25 Jobs

The games industry has been caught in a relentless wave of mass layoffs for roughly a year and a half at this point, and more names are continuing to join that ever-growing list every week. The newest addition is Halo Infinite support studio Certain Affinity, which recently announced the first ever round of layoffs in its 17-plus year history. CEO Max Hoberman announced in a recently published update that Certain Affinity is laying off 25 people, with the bulk of the job cuts impacting “the teams running our business operations.” As Hoberman explains it, this is down to in widespread reluctance among investors to fund new projects, and an “industry-wide slowdown” of funding for new co-development and support projects. “There are multiple factors underlying this decision to do a layoff for the first time in our 17+ year history,” Hoberman wrote. “Most significant is an industry-wide slowdown in the funding of new lead and co-development projects and the reluctance of third-party investors to fund games or game companies. This has made it exceptionally difficult to sign new work or secure other forms of funding.


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