Judas – New Video Details Gameplay and Story

Developer Ghost Story Games has revealed more details about its upcoming title Judas through a video with IGN. The video showcases what appear to be the opening minutes of the game, and provides a glimpse of gameplay as well as some hints about the title’s story. Check it out below. A lot of the game’s narrative seems to focus on four characters—the protagonist Judas, head of security Tom, Dr. Okiki/Nefertiti, and ship counselor Hope. The dynamics between these characters serves as what has been described by creative director Ken Levine as “narrative LEGOs”, which will allow players to experience the story in a more modular and non-linear way. On the gameplay side of things, Judas seems to bear quite a resemblance to Levine’s previous titles, BioShock. Players will be able to make use of traditional weaponry like guns, as well more interesting abilities at the same time. Players will also be able to make use of their abilities in more creative ways, like shooting a puddle of water with electricity to electrify all enemies standing in it. Judas doesn’t yet have a solid release date. The game is going to come to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S some time in 2025.


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