Super Rare DSi Pulled from Auction

An incredibly rare McDonalds-branded Nintendo DSi and software cartridge recently appeared and later disappeared from an online auction website. The Nintendo DS had a number of different variants throughout the handheld hardware's lifespan. Aside from its straight upgrade from the vanilla DS to the DS Lite, Nintendo later introduced an upgraded version of the hardware known as the Nintendo DSi. This redesign added some new features to make it more than a gaming handheld, such as an SD card slot, downloadable software, and a camera. The Nintendo DSi has some rare variants that were never officially sold. One of these variants was used to train McDonald's employees in Japan, which also had special branding on them. These versions of the Nintendo DSi were sent out to Japanese McDonald's branches in 2010 alongside a specialized game cartridge called eCrew Development Program, which teaches new staff how to cook and serve items via a McDonald's simulator. It also has player profiles and performance statistics for managers to assess as well. These consoles were later replaced with newer touch-screen tablets in 2018, with most of these branded units being sent back, though there are still some out in the wild.


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